Reputation Management

During 2012 AfterHim Media started testing new strategies to help our clients with reputation management problems. Reputation management can be as simple as someone posted something negative about you or your business. Reputation management can be as complex as you own multiple businesses and have had competitors and disgruntled former employees posting negative information about you and your companies.

Online reputation management comes in two flavors, individual and business.

Individual (Personal) Reputation Management

Individual reputation problems usually involve issues such as a court case against you, personal character attacks (libel), arrest records, and any other negative information online about your personally. This could also include pictures, blog posts, forums, Facebook or any other website that has something on it that you don’t want the world to see.

Business (Corporate) Reputation Management

An angry customer posts on a forum about the lack of service your company gave him. He doesn’t tell the entire story about how you gave him a full refund. This situation is extremely common in every service industry from restaurants to small businesses that only have one or two employees.

Can I file a lawsuit?

You can try, but unfortunately there isn’t much that can be done about the actual post. You can try to handle the situation with a lawsuit, but in my experience most libelous statements are considered free speech and are not illegal. In the last couple of years only one of our clients has been successful filing a lawsuit and getting a judgement against a website that forced them to remove the offending information.

Can I remove it from Google with a DMCA notice?

This goes right along with the lawsuit, you can try but you’re going to find it nearly impossible. The one caveat to that is when the information violates the DMCA. For your DMCA case to have any merit, the negative information posted must breach DMCA.

Can I push it down in the search results?

When searching Google (or Yahoo! and Bing) for your name or business name and see a negative result, we can help. Our strategies vary depending on the type of negative result as well as your specific goal. The ultimate goal is always to push the negative listing down so that it is not as easy to find. If someone is looking for a review of your company, you want them to find the good information. If a potential employer Google’s your name, you want them to see the real you, and we can help you put your best foot forward.

If you would like some reputation help with search rankings, feel free to contact us today by phone or email. Phone is quickest and you’ll get directly to us, not some overseas call center.

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