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Does your website rank number 1 for your main keyword?

Many SEO companies in Fresno will tell you how great they are and how they’ll change your website to make you rank in the top 10 search results. We’ll tell you the same thing, but in addition to that, We’ll show you sites that we’ve worked on that are currently ranking #1 for their keywords! Talk is cheap, results are really what count when it comes to SEO.

If you’re ready to get your site ranked #1, contact us today and we’ll start working immediately!

What does it take to get ranked #1?

Taking your site and making it rank #1 can be a lengthy process. First we evaluate your site and make some suggestions that are generally pretty basic in nature. If your company is in Fresno or the surrounding areas, we’d love to come in and meet you to discuss. We might want you to change a few words or add a page. After that, we help you decide what your main keywords should be. We look at search engine data to see if people are actually searching for those keywords to make sure you’re ranking for a keyword that will bring in business.

After we’ve got that out of the way, we’ll start building incoming links (not just links from Fresno, but all over the world) to you website. Each incoming link is like a vote to your website. Each link tells the search engines that your site is valuable and suggests that they should rank it higher.

Confused about Fresno SEO?

If this is a little too much for you to grasp right now, just understand this; we get more people to your website which translates to more income for your business.

Ready to see some of current and recent SEO clients that are ranking #1 right now? Contact us today!

Linkbuilding in Fresno and Madera

Once your website is online, there are many factors that come into play regarding how your website will appear in search engines. Many people focus their work “on-site”, changing content, Meta tags, keywords, etc. While this is important, it can only take you so far. Without a focused strategy of link building, your website will never be at the top of the search engines.

AfterHim Media’s clients in Fresno and Madera that recognize the fact that they don’t just want a website, but they want people to come to their website to buy their products and services. Without linkbuilding, these prospects and customers won’t be able to find your website. After your website is set up, that is the time that we start building links. We have a team dedicated to building links related to your keywords.

Want some proof that we can get you to the top of the search engines? Contact us today and we’ll give you proof and a quote on what it will take to do the same for your website! If you mention that you saw this post about linkbuilding in Fresno and Madera online, we’ll give you 10% off your monthly fee.

Madera County Arts Council

Madera County Arts Council is a non-profit organization in Madera County who exists to promote all arts within the county. To accomplish this goal, they affiliate with many local and state partnerships to facilitate a link between local artists and the arts community at large.

With this in mind, AfterHim Media designed a website that features rich colors, bright paintings, and information about local and statewide events. In an effort to connect with the community and Madera County Arts Council patrons, we installed a calendar and an easy to use publishing system so the Madera County Arts Council can update their website at their convenience.

Grace Community Website Design

Picture 1Grace Community Church located on Road 26 in Madera, CA was founded in 1977. What started out as a small Bible study and has grown into a community of Believers that reaches local people with the Gospel of Christ as well as people around the world. Pastor Randy Brannon has been with Grace Community Church since his calling in 1983.

Grace Community Church needed a website that they could easily update with pictures, sermon video and audio, youth group news, missionary reports, and general information about the church. AfterHim Media installed and hosts a full CMS that more than fits their needs.

Madera Veterinary Center

Picture 1Madera Veterinary Center is the leading veterinary clinic in Madera. Madera Veterinary Center has been serving Madera County for over 10 years.

Madera Veterinary Center wanted to be able to allow customers to set appointments, refill prescriptions, join their mailing list and get information about the staff, doctors, fun events and hours of operation.

Superior Stone Madera

SuperiorStoneWebsiteSuperior Stone Madera is the premier granite, marble, travertine and limestone installation company in the Central Valley. Superior Stone serves Madera, Fresno, Clovis and the entire Valley.

Superior Stone came to AfterHim Media needing a website. They had customers asking for pictures and information online, but had nothing to show them. AfterHim Media designed them a beautiful website with the focus of getting prospects to call Superior Stone.

International Student Media Festival

ISMFThe International Student Media Festival (ISMF) is an annual conference highlighting the best student (Kindergarten through College) media from around the world. The 3 day event includes workshops, viewing of winning entries and a ceremony.

ISMF had a website, but needed something that appealed to a younger demographic. The ISMF Board of Directors gave AfterHim Media a color palette to work with an wanted to keep their existing logo. AfterHim Media worked closely with ISMF to come up with a design they liked, and a content management system they could easily keep updated.

SEO Copywriting

AfterHim Media is pleased to announce that we are now able to offer Search Engine Optimized (SEO) copywriting. If you’re not familiar with copywriting it is the process of outsourcing your writing. Instead of spending hours writing content for your website, let our writers handle it while allowing you to spend time doing what you do best.

SEO copywriting is the perfect mate to web design because you’re able to completely outsource the entire process while still maintaining control to make sure the project fits your needs and expectations.

Our writers are college graduates, most with an emphasis in English or Creative Writing. Prices for quality SEO writing vary depending on the company you choose. Our prices for SEO copywriting may not the cheapest, but the cheapest won’t get you the best quality.

Our rates for SEO copywriting are as follows:

1-5 SEO articles – $.09 per word (500 word article is $45).
6-20 SEO articles – $.08 per word (500 word article is $40).
21+ SEO articles – $.07 per word (500 word article is $35).

If you’re ready to order any number of articles, please email us and we’ll be able to give you a time frame for completion. Our writers can write about nearly any subject, but won’t write about adult subjects or illegal topics. Please contact AfterHim Media regarding writing projects.

AfterHim Media offers this service outside of Fresno and Madera. If you are outside the area and would like to speak to us before proceeding, our contact information can be found here.

Website Design in Fresno

AfterHim Media has recently expanded into Fresno. If you’re in need of a website design and your company is based in or around Fresno (Clovis, Reedley, Visalia, etc), contact us!

If you haven’t seen our work, please view some of our latest clients.

Apart from those examples, we have a long list of client and internal design and development projects. We can assist you with everything from getting started with a website to designing and developing any aspect of your web site.

During our initial website consultation (at no cost of course) we’ll identify a few key areas of your business and find a purpose for your website to exist. Do you want to sell a product online? Do you want a way for your customers to contact you? Do you just want a website so you can have your email address at your own domain? We can help!

Crossroads Christian School Website Update

Crossroads Logo

Crossroads has had a website for a number of years, but the website was not meeting it’s purpose. That purpose was to bring new students to Crossroads Christian School.

AfterHim Media has not only made the new Crossroads website search engine friendly it now validates XHTML Strict and will begin showing up in search engine results soon.

This website was previously based completely around images. Now it is powered by WordPress with a static front page and has an updated look.

Crossroads website ( once again serves it’s purpose.

View completed website: Crossroads Christian School in Madera