Reputation Management

During 2012 AfterHim Media started testing new strategies to help our clients with reputation management problems. Reputation management can be as simple as someone posted something negative about you or your business. Reputation management can be as complex as you own multiple businesses and have had competitors and disgruntled former employees posting negative information about you and your companies.

Online reputation management comes in two flavors, individual and business.

Individual (Personal) Reputation Management

Individual reputation problems usually involve issues such as a court case against you, personal character attacks (libel), arrest records, and any other negative information online about your personally. This could also include pictures, blog posts, forums, Facebook or any other website that has something on it that you don’t want the world to see.

Business (Corporate) Reputation Management

An angry customer posts on a forum about the lack of service your company gave him. He doesn’t tell the entire story about how you gave him a full refund. This situation is extremely common in every service industry from restaurants to small businesses that only have one or two employees.

Can I file a lawsuit?

You can try, but unfortunately there isn’t much that can be done about the actual post. You can try to handle the situation with a lawsuit, but in my experience most libelous statements are considered free speech and are not illegal. In the last couple of years only one of our clients has been successful filing a lawsuit and getting a judgement against a website that forced them to remove the offending information.

Can I remove it from Google with a DMCA notice?

This goes right along with the lawsuit, you can try but you’re going to find it nearly impossible. The one caveat to that is when the information violates the DMCA. For your DMCA case to have any merit, the negative information posted must breach DMCA.

Can I push it down in the search results?

When searching Google (or Yahoo! and Bing) for your name or business name and see a negative result, we can help. Our strategies vary depending on the type of negative result as well as your specific goal. The ultimate goal is always to push the negative listing down so that it is not as easy to find. If someone is looking for a review of your company, you want them to find the good information. If a potential employer Google’s your name, you want them to see the real you, and we can help you put your best foot forward.

If you would like some reputation help with search rankings, feel free to contact us today by phone or email. Phone is quickest and you’ll get directly to us, not some overseas call center.

Stockton SEO Company

If you search for your business on Google, does it show up as the first result?

A Stockton SEO Company can make it happen. According to statistics, 93% of people start every investment decision via the internet, and the majority is ready to click that top spot before the page fully loads, unconscious of what they are doing. Getting your business into that coveted number one ranked position can lead to up to 70% more sales and traffic to your business website. Those numbers, to some businesses, could mean the difference between complete success and utter failure.

Employing the services of a Stockton SEO Company could be the most significant step you take as a business owner, no matter how large or small your company may be. We will work with you to achieve a clear understanding of your business and the goals you have for its future. Our business cannot succeed unless yours does, so you can be sure that we give consideration to every detail. Using targeted keywords and customized link building, AfterHim Media will help increase your website visibility to maximize your revenue.

Are you still unsure? Look to see who is in the top position right now. Your competitors are not standing on the sidelines hoping to be seen eventually, they are getting things done, and it is past time for you to pass them up. Show your customers that your business is the best. With a Stockton SEO Company, it can be that simple. This is your business’ time to stand out among the masses. Can you afford to blend in with the crowd for much longer?

Being a business owner, we know you did not set out one day, hoping to come in second. You have put too much time and energy into making your company great to give up now. Do not spend one more day watching your competitors steal your customers. Let us bring you that choice result and keep you there. Literally, every minute you wait, you are losing a potential sale. What more motivation do you need to contact AfterHim Media right now?

Selma SEO

As a business owner, you have put everything into the development and success of your business. Statistics show that 93% of all purchasing decisions start online. This means that if you are not taking advantage of the internet, you are missing the incredible financial flexibility that your competitors have. Every successful business, no matter how large or small, needs its own presence in the form of a website online. There is no debating it. If you want to lead in your chosen field, the internet is the only way to go.

Once you make the decision to develop a website set up for your business, the next step is getting the visibility. A Selma SEO Company can help you with this. If you are not number one in a Google search, your customers are likely going somewhere else for their needs. That is unacceptable. Your business cannot reach its full potential unless it holds that top spot. This is done through search engine optimization (SEO) and other strategies, such as link building.

You are probably thinking that it is all too much to take in, or perhaps that there is no way that you can get your business to that coveted spot in searches. The truth is, alone, you most likely cannot accomplish this goal. However, with the help of a Selma SEO Company, a simple interview is all it takes before they work their magic.

Every moment you wait, your competitors are securing their foothold a bit more. They know you are not taking advantage of every resource, and they could not be happier with your choice. AfterHim Media will take your business to new heights of possibility, surprising your competitors as you leave them in the dust. Your business will have the upper hand, at last, just as it should.

You owe it to yourself and business to take this essential step up. The success of your business is hanging in the balance, and is time to take notice. Your business is the best, so why keep potential customers in the dark. 93% of the world cannot be ignored any longer.

Contact us today to get started!

Clovis SEO Company

Is your business listed in that coveted first spot on a Google search? Is it even on the first page?

If you answered no to either question, it is time to let Clovis SEO company help. Statistics show that 93% of people begin every purchase decision online, and the majority of those 93% are ready to click that top spot before the page fully loads. Are you ready for another glaring fact? If your business is not in that top spot, you are missing out on up to 70% more sales and traffic to your site. You cannot afford not to let Clovis SEO Company help your business. Whether your business is large or small, search engine optimization can put you on the right track.

AfterHim Media will build up your website visibility with the best keywords for your business to maximize your revenue, and then take it one step farther through our link building to make sure you are in that top spot to stay. Running a business is hard work. You have put your blood, sweat and tears into making it a reality. Now it is time to relax a little, and let us do what we do best. Do not let something so simple keep you from achieving your goals.

Your competitors are doing their best to make sure they are #1 in your area, but with a simple interview to give us some basic understanding of your business, we can work together to ensure you leave your competition in the dust. By the time they realize they were left behind, your business will already have a solid footing in the lead position.

It really is that easy. Show your customers that you are serious about your business, and serious about them, too. Clovis SEO company is dedicated to putting your local business first in line to the customers trying to find you. Contact us now, before your competitors take any more of your business. Let us set the stepping-stones to your businesses’ success, and pave the way for an awesome tomorrow.

AfterHim Media can help move you to the top and keep you there.  Contact us for a custom quote for your business.

Hanford SEO Company

When you bring a child to the park to play, 90% of the time they will head either straight for the swings, or to the slide. Children do it without thinking, based on their previous experience; their subconscious tells them that those two things are fun and dependable. The same behavior is found on the internet. It has shown that 93% of all decisions to buy an item or service begin online, and a vast majority of customers would rather begin a new search, than to click the next button for page two of results. This is where Hanford SEO company comes in.

SEO stands for search engine optimization, and without it, you are potentially missing out on up to 70% more sales and traffic to your business website. What’s more, customers view your business as second best, at most. This can sometimes be the difference between great success, and dismal failure. Every penny counts, and Hanford SEO company will help see to it that you get every penny your business deserves.

We will first meet with you, either by phone, or in person, to get a basic understanding of your business, and what goals you have for its’ future. After gathering this information from you, we will then get to work, researching optimal keywords and beginning the link building process. While we are doing what we do best, you can breathe easy, knowing that a Hanford SEO company will put your business ahead of your competition with maximum visibility to those that count most, your customers.

You put a lot of hard work into your business. Do not go another day letting your hard work remain in the shadows of your competitors. Your customers deserve the best, but they will have to settle for the other businesses if they cannot find yours when they search. Give your business a chance to shine, and watch as your competitors are left fumbling, wondering how you passed them up. With SEO in Hanford, there is no such thing as failure. We will take you to the top, and keep you there for the long haul.

Ready to get started?  Contact us today for more information!

Fresno Online Marketing

When it comes to Fresno online marketing being first when someone searches for your keyword or your company is what matters. It’s no different in Fresno. Being ranked #1 on the search engines means a lot more prospects to your website. Those prospects turn into phone calls and clients which fuel your business.

AfterHim Media focuses on local marketing, specifically Fresno online marketing. Marketing local websites such as those owned by Fresno small businesses should be treated differently than national companies and worldwide companies. If your business is local, shouldn’t you show up for local search results?

Our Fresno online marketing process looks like this. First we help you select a keyword that will be profitable for you and will help get those customers to contact you. We will then start building links to your website. Those links are what will tell the search engines that your website is valuable to the Fresno community. Finally, when someone searches for your keyword, your website will show up. When you choose the right company, it’s easy on your part.

AfterHim Media has a team of link builders ready to work on your site to make sure you show up first on Google, Bing, and Yahoo!

Pistoresi Ambulance

Pistoresi Ambulance has been in Madera County since 1942 and if you’ve been in Madera for any time, you’ve seen their ambulances everywhere! Pistoresi Ambulance is heavily involved in community events such as Rotary, Kiwanis, Madera Community Hospital, Madera Little League and various other community programs and services.

Owners Monte and Ted Pistoresi contacted AfterHim Media to develop a new website that would allow them to communicate with the community and have a professional look. AfterHim Media designed and developed the new Pistoresi Ambulance website, edited graphics, converted information from their old site, and the results are beautiful.

Check out the new Pistoresi Ambulance website today!

Buildings Unlimited

One of the largest building contractors in Madera, Buildings Unlimited, needed a new website that focused on their primary business, steel construction. Buildings Unlimited contact AfterHim Media to build a new state of the art website featuring a full content management system that will allow for easy future updates.

Buildings Unlimited wanted the website to match their existing logo and give potential customers information about who they are and what they do. Check out the new Buildings Unlimited website!

High Performance Link Building Service

AfterHim Media basis our link building techniques on what we call “High Performance Link Building”. What this means is that we focus on what really works. There are literally thousands of companies that sell link building services. The problem with all of these companies is that many of them sell a link building service but they’ve never tested it to see if it works.

High Performance Link Building Service

How do we know that our high performance link building service works? AfterHim Media owns over 300 websites with the primary goal of making money. We spend thousands of dollars per year on these websites. If our strategies didn’t work, we would be losing money!

Are You Ready to Rank #1?

Some of our oldest clients have been with us for over 2 years because they’ve seen results for their main keywords and have expanded into many other keywords that are helping them to make more money in their business! While we can’t guarantee that we’ll rank you #1, we can guarantee that we have many websites ranked #1, and we’ll do everything we can to get you there. If you’re ready to take the burden of link building off your back, give us a call or email us today!

Madera Bike Shop

The Madera Bike Shop is under new ownership and displaying a new website design as well! The old system that was used by the Madera Bike Shop was antiquated and difficult to use. AfterHim Media created a new website design and installed new software that allows Madera Bike Shop owner Bill Hickey to easily make updates and changes to his website.

“I’m totally excited about the new website, I love the look and how easy it is for me to update. Brandon did a fantastic job!” – Bill Hickey, owner, Madera Bike Shop